One New Thing Webinar

October 3, 2017 Mathematical Musings, Monthly Resources for Math Educators by Looney Math Consulting No comments

Join the Looney Math Consulting team on our first webinar. Our intent is to foster conversation and connections while we celebrate “one new thing” from our math teaching practice this fall. If you are interested in joining other educators to help you grow your professional network, this webinar might be for you! Thursday, October 19 from […]

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“My Students Can’t Do That”

October 1, 2017 Mathematical Musings, News, Updates for Math Educators - News by Looney Math Consulting No comments

“My Students Can’t Do That” What is your reaction to that statement? How does this connect with your belief about education? When watching a webinar by Andrew Gael this summer, this slide was presented and the impact, for me, was jarring. These are words I never want to hear. This belief system prevents forward momentum. […]

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What We are Reading in July

July 1, 2017 Mathematical Musings by loonm No comments

How is your summer reading going? My pile seems to be getting larger not smaller! I always seem to overestimate the time I will be able to spend reading and so far this summer is no exception. One thing that is helping me this summer is participating in Twitter book chats online. I am the […]

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What we are reading in June

June 14, 2017 Mathematical Musings by Looney Math Consulting No comments

This month at LMC we are getting into our summer reading.  We would love to hear what you are reading and learning about this summer too! In addition to our reading, you will find us participating in various math related twitter chats and book studies at: @LooneyMath, @molly_math, @swadelh and @hlsabnani. Happy learning!

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