What We are Reading in July

July 1, 2017 Mathematical Musings by loonm No comments

How is your summer reading going? My pile seems to be getting larger not smaller! I always seem to overestimate the time I will be able to spend reading and so far this summer is no exception. One thing that is helping me this summer is participating in Twitter book chats online. I am the […]

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Math Picture Books: Mathematicians

June 27, 2017 Mathematical Musings by loonm No comments

At LMC we love using picture books during math class or incorporating math themed books into the reading block. This post is the first in a series that will highlight some of our favorite books to use with students. In chapter two of her book Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had, Tracy Zager […]

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What we are reading in June

June 14, 2017 Mathematical Musings by loonm No comments

This month at LMC we are getting into our summer reading.  We would love to hear what you are reading and learning about this summer too! In addition to our reading, you will find us participating in various math related twitter chats and book studies at: @LooneyMath, @molly_math, @swadelh and @hlsabnani. Happy learning!

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“Mathy” Things to Promote the Joy of Math

June 9, 2017 Mathematical Musings by loonm No comments

Last night, Looney Math Consulting hosted the 2nd Annual Nancy Davis Welch Memorial PD. The theme of the evening was the “Joy of Mathematics”. Over fifty attendees had the opportunity to explore math joyfully and hear a keynote from Dr. Susan Looney and then from three fantastic speakers (Drs. Kate Marin, Hilary Kreisberg and Matthew […]

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Promote Deep and Purposeful Learning

April 25, 2017 Mathematical Musings, News, Summer Courses, Updates for Math Educators - News by Susan Finn No comments

“There has never been a more important time to teach young people to suspend judgment, weigh evidence, consider multiple perspectives, and speak up with wisdom and grace on behalf of themselves and others.” —  Mary Ehrenworth, Why Argue?, February 2017 This quote shared by Annie Fretter at the NCTM conference this April resonates loudly with me. Some […]

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6 Web-Based Resources to Ignite Mathematical Learning

February 15, 2017 Mathematical Musings, Monthly Resources for Math Educators by Susan Finn No comments

January Resources. “Ignition is how you snare your students as soon as they enter your classroom. It sets the stage for numerate learning; it also sets the tone for mathematical fervor … What matters is that Ignition is meaningful, highly engaging, and thought provoking and that it always promotes deep thinking.” Pearse & Walton, 2011. […]

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