The importance of counting can not be underestimated as children acquire numerical  reasoning. The resources this month focus on counting – from the very young to some interesting problems for our older learners!


“Counting Activities for Kids” – Find a year’s worth of counting fun!


how many spots on this ladybug?

How many spots are on this lady bug? How do you know? Can you find out using two different strategies?

counting game -spots on cow

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More Counting Spots Activities:


How long will it take you to count to 10? 100? 1,000? Use this information to help you estimate about how long it would take to count to 1,000,000?

For an incredibly cool science connection, check this out!
Measure Your Pulse with a Straw!


Have you ever received an annoying chain email and felt like you had to forward it or risk bad luck? Did you ever think about how many emails would be generated if everyone hit send and did as the email said? The answer may surprise you! Try this one …

Kevin started a chain email sending five emails promising good luck to anyone who forwarded the email. Each person receiving the email was asked to send a copy to five new people on the day the email arrives. After the seven days have passed, what is the total number of emails that would have bent sent if everybody participated?

Find more about the mathematics of Ponzi Pyramid Schemes.


how children learn math concepts

How Children Learn Number Concepts
A Guide to the Critical Learning Phases
by Kathy Richardson

A must-have book for everyone wanting to know how young children develop and understanding of number concepts. Kathy Richardson has identified the predictable stages, or Critical Learning Phases, children go through as they develop the mathematical understanding that is essential to building a solid foundation of numerical reasoning. This important resource will help all math educators and parents of young children understand how children make sense of numbers and what mathematics they are ready to learn at each phase of development.

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