January Resources – Geometry

The domain of Geometry is so much more than vocabulary and definitions.

This month’s set of resources is directed at providing rich, higher level tasks for geometric problem solving.

The real goal of the study of geometry is to encourage logical thinking and to provide students with the opportunities to establish categorical thinking, and the ability to form logical arguments about their physical world.

Have fun exploring!


Primary Activity

Shapes and non-shapes from Illustrative Mathematics for Grade 1

Here are four triangles.
What do all of these triangles have in common?
What makes them different from the figures that are not triangles?
What is true for some but not all of these triangles?

These are triangles.

geometry resources for math educators

These are not triangles.
geometry resources for math educators

Visit Illustrative Mathematics for the full lesson.

Intermediate Grades

Here is a great article that walks through the stages of geometric development that lead to the kind of higher order thinking that is the intention of our geometry standards:

Developing Geometric thinking through activities that begin with Play.

The mosaic puzzle presented in the article is fantastic used with students grade 1 right through grade 7.

The seven-piece mosaic puzzle.

geometry resources for math educators, teachers

Sample mosaic puzzle tasks:

What do you notice about each shape? What do you wonder?

Can you create any shapes with the other shapes?
For example shape 3 can be created using pieces 5 and 6.
Are there any others that can be created?

Can you create shape 3 using 3 pieces?

Middle School

Identifying and describing Triangles from the Mathshell.

math resources for teachers


math resources for teachers

Download the full lesson on finding and describing triangles from Mathshell.





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