Susan Looney, Ed.D.
Founder of Looney Math Consulting , PreK – Grade 12 Consultant
“Being able to help someone better understand a concept they have been struggling with in mathematics is an amazing opportunity. I take this frame of mind into my interactions with all learners – from the very young child to the adult educator.”
Heidi Sabnani
K – 12 Math Consultant
"For most of my school years I believed I wasn't a ‘math person.’ It is my mission to dispel this belief in our students. To do so, I help teachers tap into student's various ways of seeing math and looking for more than just answers"
Molly Vokey
K – 8 Math Consultant
“It’s an exciting time to be a math teacher. I feel lucky for the opportunity to work with students and teachers who are developing deep math understanding. Learning is a life long journey where there are always new and exciting ways to broaden a student’s mind. I want to bring engaging math experiences to learners of all ages.”
Heather Johnson
K-5 Math Consultant
“Building a strong foundation in mathematics is like building the foundation of a house – it must be built to support later learning. We need to develop number sense and confidence in the ability to reason about number beginning at an early age. Working with educators to unpack the complexity of early numeracy and then making connections from this early learning to later mathematics concepts is at the heart of the work that I do.”
Kristen Carr
Grade 1 Educator for Westwood, MA Public Schools - PreK – 5 Math Consultant
"I love to inspire teachers and students to engage deeply with mathematics. I want everyone, regardless of age or past experiences, to see themselves as confident mathematicians. I want them to be curious, perseverant and eager to make meaning...because math makes sense."
Jessie Purdie
Mathematics Instruction – Grade 5 Educator for Randolph, MA Public Schools – K – 6 Math Consultant
"Math is a metaphor for life. A problem is presented, several strategies are examined, evaluated and utilized. Finally, a solution is created. Utilizing cooperative learning to work through this process allows for instruction to be differentiated to meet the diverse needs of the learner and lays the foundation for collective thinking in the work place."
Christine Size
Elementary Math Coordinator for Westwood, MA Public Schools – PreK – 12 Math Consultant
"I want to help make a mental shift from thinking about teaching content to teaching the children in front of us. How can what we know about learning change our teaching? What are students sharing with us about what they understand and how can we interpret that to better facilitate learning?"
Nancy Aborn
5- 12 Math Consultant
"Mathematics is a uniquely elegant subject with its logical structure, consistency, and precision. The Common Core State Standards emphasizes these principles, allowing students to develop a deep and powerful understanding of the subject."
Cheryl Condon
Math Coach - Wellesley Public Schools, K-5 Math Consultant
"I feel passionate about working with teachers and students to develop of love of learning math and to see themselves as mathematical thinkers and problem solvers. Engaging in student talk and discussion helps students to learn and helps teachers to make instructional decisions. It is my hope that our students will find math engaging and interesting as they work together to persevere on challenging mathematical tasks."
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