The Experience

All LMC experiences are designed around a core set of instructional strategies with the goal of transforming instructional practice.

  • Using visual and concrete models to teach for conceptual understanding
  • Differentiating instruction to meet the needs of diverse of learners
  • Engaging students with a range of activities
  • Analyzing student work to make instructional decisions
  • Using questioning techniques to move students to deeper levels of understanding
  • Using assessment to drive instruction

During a Workshop

Instructors explicitly involve teachers in understanding how strategies presented translate into classroom practice. Our consultants model these approaches and provide practice and direction with each of the instructional strategies.

After a Workshop

Follow-up support is available to assist teachers in the process of reforming their instruction.

For Administrators, Coaches, etc.

Guidance is provided for teachers, coaches, and administrators to clearly articulate an action plan of how teachers can shift their instruction to meet the goals of a rich and rigorous math learning environment.

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