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Our Team Provides a Personalized Experience with a Proven Record of Success.

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The Looney Experience


Data shows significant gains in participant content and pedagogical knowledge


Testimonials and reflections reveal shifts in fundamental thinking about how children learn mathematics


Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners, with an individualized  PD plan created for districts

What Makes Looney Math Consulting Different?

  • We specialize in Mathematics PD.
  • Our consulting team shares a common vision of mathematics as a discipline that is engaging, diverse, and equitable across all learners.
  • We have the ability to deliver large scale PD.
  • We are equipped to support long-term systemic change.
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Calling Out the Brilliance of ALL Students

December 2, 2018 Mathematical Musings, Updates for Math Educators - News by Susan Finn No comments

“If we’re committed to the success of every child, we must acknowledge the uneven playing field that exists for many: ELLs, students with special needs, children experiencing trauma or relentless poverty, and students of color who confront unconscious biases about their capacity. Walking toward equity will help us to create inclusive, 21st-century classrooms.” – Safir, […]

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December Resources 2018

November 20, 2018 December Math Problems & Resources, Monthly Resources for Math Educators by Looney Math Consulting No comments
December themes include winter solstice, starry nights, the Boston Bruins, the holidays and more! Over the years, we've published a number of blogs with problems-of-the-week, resources and other insights. View our collection of December problems-of-the-week and recommended websites. Esti-Mysteries from Steve Wyborney Math Website Resource Recommendation of the Month Bring ESTIMATION to life in your [...]
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