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Our Team Provides a Personalized Experience with a Proven Record of Success.

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Data is gathered and analyzed showing the effectiveness of professional development, and results consistently reveal significant gains in participant content and pedagogical knowledge.



Testimonials and reflections from participants working with LMC show significant shifts in fundamental thinking about how children learn mathematics. The dynamic needs of adult learners our incorporated into our presentations and courses. The modes of teaching vary from the use of hands-on activities, to the analysis of student work, to the use of technology and more. Participants leave a working session with enthusiasm, prepared to apply what they have learned in their classrooms.



LMC consultants are highly-qualified, delivering research-based information that engages participants according to district level goals. Instruction is differentiated and adapted to meet the needs of all learners in order to insure a successful experience for all. We believe that communication is critical to establishing an effective PD plan for your district, and our consultants maintain communication throughout the entire experience.

What Makes Looney Math Consulting Different?

  • We specialize in Mathematics Professional Development.
  • Our consulting team shares a common vision of mathematics as a discipline that is engaging, diverse, and equitable across all learners.
  • We offer a personal program that will tailor you experience to meet district needs.
  • Looney Math Consulting has a proven track record backed by course results.
  • We have the ability to deliver large scale.
  • We are equipped to support long-term systemic change.
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