Valentine's Day Math

Early Childhood:

Valentine’s Day is a week away and Andy is getting ready to send out his cards.  He wants to give cards to 17 friends, but cards only come in packs of 10.  How many packs of 10 will Andy need to buy?  How many cards will he have left over?  Use a number model to show your thinking.

Upper Elementary:

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th.  Show at least three ways you can write an equation using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to equal 14.

Middle School:

In a class of 10, how many total Valentine’s cards are exchanged if each student gives a card to everyone in the class? a class of 20? a class of 25? Write an equation to show your thinking. Write a generalized rule to find the total number of cards for any number of students in a classroom.

Website Resources:

Same But Different Math

Same but Different is a powerful routine for use in math classrooms. The images on this website can be used for teaching a way of thinking: grayscale thinking, categorical thinking, helping students to build a network of ideas and an approach for learning and thinking about mathematics.

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